Always a great question. First, we made MediaBooth Pro a unique product by making it useful even when it's not in use. We call it the Hybrid Booth.

  • The DSLR we included does a great job at weddings and events for both video and photo. This would not be your lead camera but who hasn't had a need for an extra camera in the bag.
  • The LED lights are amazing at on-location head shots and provide a great pop when a full body shot is needed.
  • The stand is a solid Italian made C-Stand extension with a baby adapter top and a jr. base. This means you can use it in the studio or on location as a light stand or with a tray it can be a handy laptop stand.
  • The Microsoft Computer comes with a detachable wireless keyboard and can be used for client presentations on the road.

Lets face it, most of the booths available are really not very attractive. The booths are either large boxes with a glorified shower curtain or they look like a medicine cabinet with some cutouts. Media Booth Pro is a sleek and unobtrusive addition to any discerning clients' event.


In two words: Sales and Marketing. With just a few bookings the booth will pay for itself, but it is so much more than the break-even timing.

We have all had the difficult client who says that photographer x is $1500 less expensive and therefor we should come down on our price. NO WAY! What do you do? Offer the MediaBooth Pro as a goodwill gesture. The operating costs are incredibly low and you got the job without compromising your reputation, brand, or profit.

One of the other benefits of MediaBooth Pro is that at every event you have the opportunity to introduce your brand to hundreds of potential clients. Put your brand on the photo strip or video clip then allow them to disseminate your work on social media.


We really think it does. This is your chance to capture a captive audience and introduce them to your brand. Just think of how many potential clients you will meet- it's a spectacular sales opportunity. Although there is a lock on the back, it's always a good idea to have some supervision around expensive equipment.


It really couldn't be easier. Booth enclosure (computer, lights and camera), stand, and base all fit into one hard case with wheels and easily fits into the trunk of a car. The set-up time is just about 3 minutes.

If you purchase the MediaBooth Pro ELITE, the printer will come with its own hard case

+ Does the booth come ready to use straight out of the box?

Yes, just set up the computer to your own preferences, download the Photo Booth Software via a link we send to you, and you are good to go.

+ Does the booth shoot video?

Yes, you can record up to 60 second clips with the option for slow motion playback and delivery options.

+ Does the booth do green screen?

Yes. The software does include some digital backgrounds to use with the green screen function, but you can always import your favorites.


Yes it is. You can finance a MediaBooth Pro for as low as $144/month. Click Here to learn more and apply today.

+ What if there isn’t any WIFI where I’m setting up the booth?

If you can’t connect to wifi, the software puts the users information in a queue and once the computer reenters wifi, it will push out all of the media.

+ What kind of camera can I use with the booth?

Any Canon on Nikon camera with the Live View function.

You have the option to purchase the booth with a camera or provide one yourself.

+ What printer can I use? Do I have to buy the print media from you?

We ship the DNP DS620a with the MediaBooth Pro ELITE. However, you can use any printer that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will support

You can purchase printer media directly from the manufacturer or through any available supplier.

+ What kind of computer and software is included?

Our booths use Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Computers and customizable photo booth software. The computer has all the power needed to run the software, the space to store media, and a beautiful touch screen making it the perfect interface for the booth.

+ How long do the batteries last?

The computer will last about 6-8 hours on a full charge. The lights will run for about 5 hours while the camera will run for about 3. It is always a good idea to have extra batteries for the lights and camera.

You can always plug the components in if you prefer to not deal with the batteries.

Battery life based on manufactures estimates

+ Does it come with backgrounds?

We do not offer physical backgrounds. There are many great companies you can purchase them through.

+ What kind of customer support do you offer?

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. As a MediaBooth Pro owner, you will receive access to a shared dropbox account with setup guides, sample graphics and more.


We warranty the booth structure against normal wear and tear for one year. The electronic components are warranted by the original product manufacturer and are subject to their terms and conditions.

+ Is there a discount when purchasing more than one booth?

Yes, please contact us for details.